Pra-Konvensyen – “Breastfeeding Support During Disaster”

Auditorium Agustus 14, 2015 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Dr. Zaharah Sulaiman, IBCLC, PhD
Dr. Zubaidah Jamil @ Osman, PhD
Dr. Faridah Idris, IBCLC

It is indeed unfortunate that disasters and emergencies continue to happen around the world. From natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes to earthquakes and floods to the effects of war, there is that possibility that one may be dealing with at least one or more of these situations sometime in their lifetime. During a disaster or emergency, breastfeeding becomes even more important and has been proven to save lives. Among the most vulnerable victims of these calamities are babies.  In the mistaken belief that they are helping out their children, some mothers switch to infant formula in times of scarce resources, assuming that stress or inadequate nutrition from the calamity can hinder their ability to breastfeed successfully. Therefore, it becomes ever so crucial for Emergency response or humanitarian aid teams to support, educate and empower families in these situations.

Evidently, in an emergency it is important to highlight that:
• There may be no clean drinking water.
• There may be no sterile environment.
• It may be impossible to ensure cleaning and sterilization of feeding utensils.

The cleanest, safest food for an infant is human milk. 

How do you support families? How do you motivate them? How do you motivate yourself? (if you are part of the emergency response team)?

It may all seem rather overwhelming to say the least! This is your chance to hear and learn from experts and those who were at ground zero during an actual disaster. Sign up for the Pre Convention to find out more! 

Menampilkan profesional berpengalaman dalam bidang masing-masing, sesi pra konvensyen ini akan menggarap isu yang sangat releven dengan situasi yang sering dialami kebelakangan ini – bencana alam dan bagaimana sokongan dan bantuan wajar dapat diberikan kepada mangsa dan komuniti terbabit.

Diharapkan wadah ini dapat memberi pencerahan dari aspek mempelajari pengalaman mereka yang pernah ke lapangan serta melengkapkan diri dengan skil-skil perlu untuk menghadapi situasi yang sama di masa akan datang.