The Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Councelor (MBfPC) program initially started as a series of training sessions managed and conducted by SusuIbu.Com for potential breastfeeding supporters nationwide.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to train peer counselors and build a network of trained breastfeeding peer counselors to promote, protect, support and empower the breastfeeding communities in Malaysia.

Our vision is: every mother in Malaysia have access to skilled help and effective breastfeeding support from a trained breastfeeding peer counselor within her community.

Roles & Activities by Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselors

MBfPC aims to train more Peer Counselors to be able to support mothers with the correct & updated information.

MBfPC has run a series of nationwide Peer Counselor Training Programs in the Northern Region, Southern Region, West Coast Region, East Coast Region, Southern Region & East Malaysia Region in line to spread advocacy & support on breastfeeding nationwide.

Activities include:-

Brochure: Counseling– One-to-One Counseling

Brochure: Father Support Group– Organize Mother-to-Mother and Father-to-Father Support Group Meeting

Brochure: Workplace Support– Mother-to-Mother Support Group @ Workplace

Brochure: Booths– Manage Health & Exhibition Booth to create greater breastfeeding awareness among our communities i.e. Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Teenagers, Workplace, Babies or Parents with Special Needs, etc.

– Mother-to-Mother Support @ Hospital

– Phone Helpline, On-line Forum & Discussions

Where to Get Help and Support?

The Peer Counselors are more than happy to offer information, encouragement, and support to mothers. So please do not give up easily should you face any challenges along your Breastfeeding Journey.

Talk to us at a MBfPC Network nearest to you. 🙂

You may call MBfPC Helpline or visit MBfPC website to find any friendly Peer Counselor nearest to you.