Practical products for the modern family


Aboo – Practical products for the modern family

Aboo came to be just after a work-at -home mother gave birth to her first child.

Receiving many advice, one of which was not to pick-up our baby when she cried. This advice somehow felt wrong watching our daughter cry away non-stop. Soon after we picked her up she always prefers to be carried. At one point she was in our arms the whole day. “What were we doing wrong?”

We needed help. Seeking advice from our doctor, friends and family we discovered about babywearing. We tried a few carriers and initially were let down. Looking through online reviews we discovered Boba and wanted to try it out. With a longer back panel and good support, we and our baby just love the Boba. Not only was it kind on our backs, it looks nice too. We have been using our Boba carrier since and want to share with other parents this good product. Thats how Aboo Family got started. Now we carry other baby products and toys.

Just in case if you are wondering what is an Aboo? It is the name of our daughter’s favourite toy.