Alhamdulillah, our first collaboration workshop with Munchkin Child & Daycare Centre Cyberjaya was successfully conducted. Thank you to all parents who participated, and all peer counselors from MBfPCA who moderated the session.
Till we meet again. InshaAllah we will soon, organize more breastfeeding workshops in the future.

Salam and hi everyone,
A good opportunity for parents or parents-to-be at Cyberjaya or nearby places. Kindly share around too.

Our organization, MBfPCA will be collaborating with Munchkin Daycare Centre Cyberjaya to organize a breastfeeding seminar for parents and parents-to-be. This is a highly interactive and handful seminar where parents will get maximum attention and opportunity to engage with the moderators and have their private one-to-one consultation with us. This seminar will be conducted in Malay and English.

They offer limited seats and few seats have been taken up..(clichè promo huh? But yes, truely limited, no tricks). So, call to book yours now.

This seminar is organized by Munchkin Daycare Centre. If you are interested to join, kindly directly call the contact person as appeared in the poster.

Note: This is a breastfeeding seminar to prepare parents to breastfeed by giving the whole idea about infant feeding.
This is not a training to become a breastfeeding peer counselor.

Few weeks ago in December 2017, MBfPCA had collaborated with Baby Box Malaysia (BBM) project to distribute boxes for moms and babies in needs. The target groups for BBM Project are those underprivileged pregnant moms, like single, teenage, and deprived community, to have good starts for their newborns and hopes for the moms. For this effort, the first few boxes had been distributed among moms of Rumah Kita located in Klang Valley region. MBfPCA would like to congratulate BBM Project for their noble effort, plus their vision to help those moms to initiate breastfeeding instead of providing formula milk sample in the boxes. Let's congratulate them all.

As for MBfPCA, this is a kick-start to our another new project, the Breastfeeding Helpline for Underprivileged Moms. We had distributed the dedicated phone number to whom we met during outreach activity.
Our small project is still at its initial stage, as we need funds to continue this project. At this moment, we have our small dedicated team to continue the reachout activity to targeted moms and shelter homes. This project consists of two main activities: (1) providing practical breastfeeding support to those who reach us through helpline number, and (2) providing serial breastfeeding preparation sessions as part of the antenatal preparation to success breastfeeding. All these services under this project is free for eligible moms.

If you are interested to have our project team come to your centre, just write an email to to tell us your interest. Those who are eligible to request for our service are:
1. Any women shelter homes (rumah perlindungan wanita)
2. Any community project that provides services for underprivileged community as non-profitable project - e.g. urban-poor community, refugees community, etc.

We also welcome any interested funders to come forward to fund this project for its sustainability and continuity. Just write to us by email at and we will discuss further.

Thank you to all volunteers of MBfPCA team. Your spirit of volunteerism is so much appreciated. Thanks again 😍.
- Program Pembangunan Kesihatan Wanita Dan Keluarga, Daerah Hulu Langat di Pangsapuri Taman Wawasan Hulu Langat @ 23 Disember 2017 (8.00am-3.00pm).
Terima kasih kepada urusetia kerana sudi menjemput kami menjadi sebahagian dari acara ini.

Program Pembangunan Kesihatan Wanita & Keluarga ...

Program Pembangunan Kesihatan Wanita & Keluarga di Hulu Langat akan berlangsung secara live sebentar lagi.

Wanita Tunjang Kesihatan Anak dan Keluarga.
Isi kandungan:
- Peranan wanita dalam menentukan corak pemakanan anak dan keluarga.
- Aspek kesihatan wanita: penjagaan kesihatan asas.

Packed up, headed home with satisfaction. Another mission accomplished. We had our 25th MBfPC-Entry Level Training and 1st Train-the-trainers Training simultaneously. Till we meet again in the next training soon.

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Welcoming the latest addition to MBfPC family. Another 24 trained breastfeeding peer counselors to the existing 531 trained PC since 2010.
By this 25th training of MBfPCA-Entry Level Training Course, we have trained the total of 555 breastfeeding peer counsellors all over Malaysia.
Thank you to all supporters.
For all PCs who we trained since January 2010, you are always in our heart, and this #mbfpca_sisterhood #mbfpcsisters #mbfpcbrothers remains forever. We are proud of you wherever you are now.


Day 3 (Part 2 photos) - finishing all tasks to end the day. ...